Monday, January 14, 2013

Updated Shopping List

Here are some items we still need for The Rescue Church.

The Rescue Church

Itemized Shopping List:

Sound Gear/Worship Equipment - Estimated Cost $3,000-???
• CD player/recorder
• Equalizer
• Amplifier
• Portable cabinet or rack for the components
• Digital recording device
• Monitors-BIG NEED
• Recording equipment
• Blank CD’s, DVD’s
• Cases for CD’s
• Stools for the musicians and pastor
• Totes or bags to carry stands, cables, etc.
• Duct tape
• Batteries for the mics and other equipment
• Communion serving cups, plates, cloths,etc.
• Bibles

Worship Space - Estimated Cost $3,000
• Drapes and poles               
• Additional lighting depending on the space rented.
• Lightweight pulpit or music stand for the pastor
• Stools for the worship team and the pastor
• Table to use for communion and baptisms
• Portable Baptistery

Video Equipment - Estimated Cost $5,000-???
• Video Projector
• Video screen
• A cart to operate the projector from.
• Software to create video presentations
• Laptop computer dedicated solely to the visual arts
• VCR/DVD player for use when showing movie clips or short videos the church may create.
• Video cameras
• Video editing equipment
• Plastic storage tubs, or professional crates

Hospitality Ministry - Estimated Cost $ 2,500
• 2 large coffee makers and a bunch of air pots
• Large cold beverage cooler or pitchers
• Cold drink cups
• Coffee cups and lids
• Good coffee
• Napkins, stir sticks, sugar packets, creamer, etc.
• Coffee bar sign
• Name tags and pens
• 1st time guest gift bags
• Cookies, bagels, etc

Nursery and Children’s Ministry - Estimated Cost $2,000
• Changing table
• Portable rocking chairs
• Diapers and wipes
• Cleaning supplies (disinfectant wipes for toys and surfaces)
• Disposable gloves
• Bags to dispose of dirty diapers
• Kleenex
• Age appropriate toys
• A porta-crib or two
• Blankets and sheets for crib
• Baby seats and chairs
• Small tables and chairs
• Rolls of carpet if the floors are tile
• Doorway security gate
• Baby swing
• Name tags for staff on lanyards
• First aid kit
• Rolls of drawing paper
• A vacuum
• CD player and CD’s of children’s music
• Rocking chair
• Curriculum for children’s ministry
• Videos (veggie tales or similar content)
• Small chairs for children
• Classroom supplies (crayons, colored paper, glitter, glue sticks, tape, hole punch, etc.)

Education ministry - Estimated Cost $1,000
• Curriculum for children and adults
• TV, DVD player, VCR, cords, carts
• White boards, markers
• Extension cords
• CD player and music CD’s

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!

God Bless

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