Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Making Decisions

When I make a decision, I weigh the outcome. Whether it be going to Subway or to Sonic, and trying to figure out the aftermath; or maybe it means buying Toy A or Toy B for Carlee (usually the one that makes less noise wins!). Mature adults make decisions based on what will happen after that decision. This is why I’m beginning to understand the difficulty for people when they are faced with the question of who Jesus is, and ultimately, what’s going to happen if I follow him?
I was encouraged this last week as we read from John chapter 6; the story of Jesus walking on water. He had just fed over 5 thousand people, and there were 12 baskets full of leftovers and then he appears to his disciples in the middle of a lake during a storm. From these two stories I have everything I need to make a decision to follow Christ.
First, he promises to provide when there seems like there is no way. Over 5 thousand people were approaching Jesus and his disciples on a mountainside. How were they going to be fed?!? Not only did he take 5 barley loaves and 2 fish and make enough for everyone to be full, but he also made enough baskets of leftovers for each disciple. Are you worried that when you start following Jesus, there won’t be enough to go around? Are you worried about finances? Are you worried about your time?
In this story, Jesus not only feeds a multitude of people, he lets his disciples know that he cares for them individually. He knows them. He knows their needs and while it may seem like this miracle was for all the people that showed up one afternoon, he still has something for them when it is all over.
And then Jesus walks on water. Another instance where Jesus is not saying, ‘Hey guys-check this out!!’ No, he is saying I will get in the boat with you to wait out every storm and we will get to the destination planned. The beauty of this in the gospel of John is that it says once they had rowed 3 or 3 ½ miles, Jesus appeared to them walking on water. Jesus walked miles on water before he got to them. He was performing the miracle without them even knowing it yet!
Is it possible that Jesus is performing miracles in your life right now, but we just can’t see them yet?? Yes!! Even if you are searching, even if you are still weighing the outcomes, Jesus loves you and is working miracles in your life!
And when you do decide to follow Jesus and become a disciple, know this-he will always provide for your needs and will let nothing separate you from him.


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