Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Will You Leave??

It was a Friday night under the lights at Nampa High School's stadium. 'Hats on and guards in!' was the cry that came out from the coaching staff as the Bulldogs prepared themselves for battle on the football field. I was the defensive coordinator at the time and I had the game plan all mapped out. I knew every player on the opposing team as well as I knew my own. We implemented certain plays just for their offense. It heavily depended on a couple players but all week during practice, they had told me they understood it and were up for the challenge.
'Red 18! Red 18! Set...hut, HUT!' Ball snapped-bootleg play action just like I thought.
Defensive end comes straight up to pressure QB, defensive tackle come off blocker and provides help in the flats for QB scramble, outside linebacker takes small route by TE, with middle linebacker taking crossing routes, safeties play with everything in front. (Sorry for the football jargon!) Quarterback flustered and goes down for a sack!!

The only problem with my little story was that none of it happened.

'Red 18! Red 18! Set...hut, HUT!' Ball snapped-bootleg play action just like I thought.
11 defensive players went in 11 different directions. I stood with my jaw on the ground unable to speak (or yell!). A wide receiver (very leisurely) came across the middle of the field, went behind everyone and caught an easy touchdown.

A new teaching had just been taught. If you are to follow me you must eat my flesh and drink my blood to have eternal life (John 6:54). Jesus was speaking to those who had come up with their own list of 'needs'. And if they needed something more than Jesus, they were not able to be his disciples. So thats why we find in John 60-71, followers deserted Jesus. Just like my defense on that fateful Friday night knew the teachings and had even proclaimed to me they knew; when it came to living it out when it mattered they all faltered. They all deserted the plan and wanted to play for themselves.
Jesus turns to the 12 disciples and asks, 'You don't want to leave too, do you?' Simon Peter answers in a way that I hope I am able to answer. Simply saying, 'NO-why would we leave?? You have the words of life! I have too much invested in you. I will never leave!'
I pray that you have too much invested in Jesus to leave. I hope and pray your trust and faith is in a savior that knows you deeply and knows your greatest needs. Following Jesus is tough. I hope this blog has turned out to be something of encouragement to you on your journey of life. If you have questions about God, I'd like to chat with you. And if you'd like to visit a church full of people who want to walk with you in this life, I'd like to personally invite you to The Rescue Church. We meet at Maple Lawn Elementary School in Sumner, WA. for a 10:00AM service.
I'm shameless about invitations, not because we have something great but because God has something great for you.


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