Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Year 1

Our church body turned 1 this past Sunday. It was great to have so many people in attendance, baby dedications, membership, amazing time in worship. I felt bad because there was so many there that I couldn't talk to all of them! I had a moment before I left as I looked at the 'sanctuary' with no one there. All the music equipment was put away, we took down the banners, all the cake and coffee were gone. It was empty. And the easy answer would be-Church is over. Time to go home!
But God has taught me something in Year 1 of our church plant and that is our Sunday gathering is just the beginning. There is never a championship won in the locker room, it's won on the field.
So no matter the raw-raw given inside, it must be accomplished outside. That's why I'm excited for year 2 of our church. I feel God has placed a new boldness in the hearts of His people. Before each week I'm receiving an email, text, or phone call about how someone asked someone about Jesus! That's what we're supposed to be doing!!
Amidst the struggles/trials/tribulations we are facing, He is wanting to move! I'm blessed by our congregation because I believe they are yearning for it. Not just for life to get better but for God to be glorified even in our troubles. It's a message that our community and neighborhoods need.
It's a message of HOPE. That all we see is not all there is. That there is a God who loves them so much He gave them His Son, Jesus.
I've started to let Philippians 1:6 change me. 'Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.'
How will people know that God is working if I don't tell them? I think if we were honest with ourselves we would say, we have squandered enough opportunities. I know I'm guilty of it. That's where the beauty of Jesus comes in because He knows. He knows I've made mistakes and yet He loves me. The most beautiful stories of Jesus are how He went to those who were in sin, and told them He had life for them. He is THE RESCUE.

Year 1 of our church was foundational. Year 2 of our church will be______ (you fill in the blank).


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