Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jesus is God Part 2

I have already heard from some people that the video would not play on their computer/devices, so just in case here it is in written form!!

This last week at The Rescue we talked about how Jesus told the Jews he was God. We were in John chapter 5 verses 16-30. Jesus is being persecuted by the Jews because of the previous story-Jesus healing an invalid on the Sabbath. He replies by saying that his Father was at work, and so he needed to be also. Simply saying that if an opportunity to do good arises, we need to take advantage of it, even if it is on the Sabbath.
So a question would be why did the Jews want to kill Jesus even more from this? Yes, he was breaking Jewish law, but it was the Father-Son comment that enraged them. They believed in God the Father. They also believed a grand Messiah was coming. He would come down from heaven in a mighty way stand before the Jews and with a giant thumbs up would say, 'You were right boys-here I am!'
Yeah, that wasn't Jesus. The Son of God came in a way that was not afraid to tell even the highest 'religious' officials that they were wrong.
He raised the dead, He gave life, and He was the judge. Jesus was God. The Father held back nothing from the Son.
After this reading I was taken back to a theme we had a couple weeks ago. I am struck by people who call themselves Christians and yet they try and put God together, like he's some jigsaw puzzle. God is already God. He is not someone we Christians put together. He was here before us. And he is also not someone that only becomes real when you invite him into your life.
We also don't get the luxury of arranging scripture to wrap around our lives. The Holy Scriptures has everything necessary for our salvation.
God is God over Christians and NON-Christians. He is still God.
And so the conclusion is simple-are you willing to submit to the fact that there is a God, and He is in charge? Jesus is the judge. I hope and pray you take time to think about this. And as always if you have questions/comments about this, please contact me.


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