Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jesus is NOT a Supplement

As humans we are always striving to make our lives better in some way. Whether it's financially, with our health or maybe even our spiritual life. We tend to think that our spiritual lives fit in to with what we already have going. Almost to suggest that believing in a higher power, say Jesus, would supplement our lives and make them 'better'. It's funny how sometimes we meet with Christian brothers and sisters-we talk about family things, our job, our finances and then someone gets enough guts to pop the question, 'How's your spiritual life?' Thats backwards. Everything we do and everything we are is spiritual. Our very being should illuminate what we believe. This will infiltrate our family lives, how we appreciate our job, how we talk about blessings and not just financial troubles. Everything we are is spiritual.

As Christ followers this means our lives wrap around Jesus. We believe Jesus was the word and the word became flesh. He was there at the beginning, came to earth as a man, died on a cross, and rose to show us that he had the power to do the same for us. Everything we do and say should be about Jesus.
Some of you are crying, 'Jesus Freak!' I hope you are.

Here is a test for you today as you are reading this-how many times did you say Jesus today-the name that gives life? (Or have you...) Could this be because you have relied on other names and other claims?

Jesus made some amazing claims about himself-he could raise the dead (John 5:21), give life (John 5:21), and has been entrusted with all judgement (John 5:22). Jesus backed up these claims by talking about John the Baptist-a leader in his own day who claimed the coming Messiah and then came face to face with Jesus. John 1:28, 'Look, the Lamb of God.' Jesus mentions God the Father and also the scriptures as his other witnesses.

Then in John 5:44 Jesus gives us the reason why most people will look at the claims of Jesus, the witnesses and still not believe (or only want Jesus as a supplement). 'How can you believe if you accept praise from one another, yet make no effort to obtain praise that comes from the only God?'

Have you lived today to receive praise from men/women or from God?


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