Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Church

The Church. Something that we have struggled with from the very beginning. It’s almost been like Jesus painted a gorgeous picture of a mountain.
We looked at it and said, ‘What if we put a couple trees over here? It’s still a picture of a mountain.’ And then another said, ‘We need to change the color of the sky. There we go-that’s better. Still a picture of a mountain!’ And another says, ‘There’s plenty of room to put our name on the bottom here next to the artist’s signature. It won’t mess with the picture. It’s still a mountain.’
We had a very unique opportunity with the opening of a new church. In my mind there was no history, no debt hanging over our heads, no drama-just a clean slate. This last Sunday we spent a lot of time talking about the church and about how some people think our church is 7 months old, but in reality we are about 2,000 years old. And so even though we would like to think our church has a clean slate and there are no struggles, we realized that the church was made of people.
We have had so many visitors come to The Rescue Church-it has been truly amazing. What we have found (a.k.a. DUH moment) is that people have history, people struggle with debt, and people have plenty of drama. The problem we have found is that we took a beautiful picture of what the church was supposed to be and conformed it to what we liked and then forced people to understand it…and LOVE it!
God continues to work on my heart as being the pastor of The Rescue Church. We decided to take the picture of the church and make it painfully simple. Take away the manmade additions and just look at ‘the mountain’.
What did Jesus tell us to do? Are we doing it? Let’s start there. Do you love Jesus?
Let’s start to capture our love for the mountain again. Let’s take away the things that we’ve put in the way of that love. We will never claim to be the perfect church, but we will forever claim to be a church that loves Jesus. From the beginning, The Rescue Church has talked about Jesus, and though many things will change, one thing will never change, the Book will be open and Jesus will be proclaimed, by the grace of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit. The result? That’s for God to know.

Much Love-PC

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