Friday, October 31, 2014

A Very Confusing Day

Yes, today is Halloween, October 31st, Harvest Day-whatever you want to call it.
Like most things you can find whatever information you want to try and argue your side.
Halloween is harmless because of  __________. Halloween is a devilish holiday because of ___________. Instead of trying to prove what Halloween is because of the past I wanted to pass my thoughts on the present state of Halloween.

I don't like it.

I don't like the types of shows on t.v. that glorify violence and horror. I don't like the costumes I see at Walmart that try and prostitute our children. I don't like seeing children running in neighborhoods without supervision. And yes, I'm not a huge fan of candy. I know, former youth pastor, weird.

So I can be an ol' crotchidy man or....

Since I know my children will grow to love trick or treating: I will not let my kids watch t.v. alone this time of year. My wife and I will always make the costumes that my children wear. I will always have time to walk my children around our neighborhood. When they get 'too old' for trick or treating we will open up our house to be the 'cool house' on Halloween. And by 'cool house' I mean parent supervised, bobbing for apples, pumpkin carving, costume contest, everyone out by 10pm house.
And yes, I'll let my kids eat candy really late at night-one night of the year!

I believe that we need to shield our children from certain things, but also let them be exposed to certain things. If truly all things can be used for good, why can't a time when we actually get to meet our neighbors be a good thing?

Soooo maybe I do like Halloween.


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