Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Connecting Your Ears to Your Heart

I'm a great listener. I can listen to hundreds and hundreds of your best stories, give a hearty laugh every now and then and even a fist bump if necessary. Now, am I going to remember those stories?? Well now you're asking quite a bit from me.
I don't think our culture has turned into people who don't listen, they just don't take the time and effort to connect it to their hearts. Yes, some of it has to do with selfish pride, and laziness. But I believe a large majority has to do with the simple fact that if you bring something to my attention that would trigger a change in my life...well...you're the hypocrite!! You're not a real friend!! Why can't I be who I am?!?
Sadly this is why so many people attend church for awhile, until they hear a message that convicts something inside of them and leave. Hopping from church to church until they can find a place that isn't so 'judgmental'. I've seen resistance to church, pastors, messages, but what if it's resistance to the truth? I believe that resistance to the truth isn't because people don't fully understand, it's just because they don't like it. Why can't God just be who I want Him to be? Why can't the Bible say what I want it to say?
Throughout the Bible we see covenants, or promises that God makes with His people. There is one covenant that sticks out to me very clearly. It's a covenant between God and Levi-it's found in Malachi 2:4-7. Starting in verse 4 it says, 'My covenant was with him (God speaking to Levi), a covenant of life and peace...' Yeah I'll take that. God, you're offering peace?? Yeah, my life is a bit crazy right now, I need some peace. Life?? Yeah, I'm good with living-I'll take that too.
But promises are worthless if they are only 1 way. True promises are between 2 people with communication on both ends. So what was Levi's end of the deal? 'Reverance...true instruction was in his mouth...walked in peace...walked in righteousness...turned many from sin.'
Ohhhh. So that's why Bible believing pastors talk about Jesus and sin.
The next time you're in church see if you're ears are connected to your heart. Don't just listen for the things you want, listen for the things you need. If your life is committed to resisting change and avoiding all kinds of conflict, you'll end up in a dark place all by yourself.

God gives forgiveness. He gives hope and He loves you. Stop resisting.


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