Monday, February 16, 2015

History and Theology Coming Together

Historical: belonging to the past concerning past events

Theological: study of God and religious belief

There were many reasons I loved the Charlie Brown Christmas special. I could relate to Charlie in so many ways. We were both snappy dressers, could talk before we had hair and had the best of friends. When Lucy pulled the football. Yeah that's my sister. Towards the end of show we have Linus, another character I could relate with. Loved my blankey. But it's one of the only times I remember the Bible being quoted on public television. Charlie has wondered what Christmas was about. Linus bravely steps to the stage and simply says--IT'S JESUS. But not just that Jesus was born-'Glory to God in the Highest.' The creator had come to His creation. Jesus was God.
Not too many people are confused with the meaning of Christmas. They have a pretty good grasp on the historical Jesus. That he came as a man, born to Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem, raised in Nazareth, had a group of followers. But we need to pair it up with theology. We are reading the story of Immanuel, God with us.
So what do we do? We speak, preach, love Jesus. Jesus will 'cause great joy, which shall be to all people.' This is why we evangelize, have world missions and yes plant the Gospel of Christ through new churches. (That's why I'm not too thrilled with the approach of 'same church for 50 years, talk to the same people, sit in the same seat, sing the same songs'...rant over!)
So we don't just share with people that there was a guy named Jesus a couple thousand years ago. We say Jesus is God. And that very fact should change your life. It's changed mine. The beauty of Old Testament prophecy is treated like garbage if we don't see Jesus as the Messiah. The story of God is very old and yet that's exactly why it should change our life today. Jesus was God then, He is now, and He will be forever.
My historical view of Jesus has to include my theology of God because they are one in the same.


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