Monday, March 4, 2013

On The Desk

My book for February was 'Multiply' by Francis Chan. One thing I love about most of Francis Chan's books is that he connects a website to the chapters and so before or after reading them, you can watch a video of Chan explaining a little more. The purpose of 'Multiply' was to provide a background and plan for Christians to produce disciples. Now we know that our human attempts at discipling will fail if we don't invite the Spirit to direct us and guide us. So Chan outlines (with a ton of scripture-which is AWESOME! Thank you Bible reading authors!) what it means to be a Christian, how the Spirit can use us, how the early church functioned, and what it means for us today. Not a very deep book, but I don't believe that was the purpose. It lays out the foundation for starting a discipling ministry. We will be promoting this book through our small groups for an upcoming study. If you'd like to be a part of a small group at The Rescue you can email me at
So 'Multiply' was authored by Francis Chan with the foreword being done by David
for March I'll be reading 'Follow Me' by David Platt with the foreward by.......Francis Chan! You saw that coming, huh?


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