Monday, March 4, 2013

The Role of the Servant

When we read of Jesus' first miracle in the second chapter of John, we usually glance it over and say to ourselves, 'Eh, pretty neat trick Jesus. The whole water into wine thing. I would have chosen a different opening act, but that's ok.'
I grew up reading this story that way, but I was missing out on the purpose of why this miracle took place. If you read John 2:11 you'll see that the miracle was to reveal God's glory and as a result the disciples put their faith in Him. As we talked about on Sunday, this wasn't a story about a cool wedding trick but a test of obedience. Jesus instructed the servants of the banquet to give the master of the banquet water from the ceremonial washing jars as a solution to the wine shortage. He was instructing them to hand out BATH WATER!! He didn't even tell them it had been turned into wine, and it doesn't appear that he even touched the water or the jars.

But the servants did as they were told without knowing the end result.

I'm a planner. Especially being a pastor of a church. I like to plan ministries, events and even services so I can get an idea of what the end result will be. After reading this passage of scripture, I'm realizing I need to loosen the reins a little bit (ok a lotta bit!), and let the Spirit take even more control over my life, my ministry, and my family. Even if I don't know what will come of it, I know that I serve a God that will never leave or forsake me.

So, where are you today? We were asked the question yesterday at The Rescue, 'Is God asking you to do something without revealing the end result? And if so, what are you going to do about it?'

Maybe He is simply saving the best till' last!


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