Monday, December 2, 2013

Grief, Joy, Love

As you walk through Walmart or Target this Christmas season, I'm sure there will be the 'Happy Holiday' banners all over. They might still say Peace, Joy, Love...but how about Grief. It's kind of an interesting thought, but I will claim that without grief, we are unable to feel peace, joy and even love. Not because they are opposites, but because it is a step.
Jesus tells his disciples in John 16:16 that he will be gone in a 'little while'. His disciples weren't thrilled with that answer. Why? Because the disciples were a lot like we are today-we want to know when things will happen. We have to update our Outlook calendars Jesus!! Tell us when it will happen!! But Jesus will talk to his disciples in steps. He started to talk to them about grief, and so obviously they wanted to know when that time would be over. Nobody likes grief!
In order for these disciples, and you and I, to have joy there needed to be grief. Just like for a resurrection, there needed to be someone dead. God has been doing some amazing things in my life over the past year. He's been speaking to me like never before. This season of Advent (the Christmas season) I've looked at words like Peace, Joy and Love differently. Every time I see these words or hear them in a song, I'm reminded of what happened for there to be the possibilities of us possessing these things in our lives.
Jesus died because of our sin, not because of any sin he committed. He says, 'You will grieve (because I will die on a cross), but your grief of repentance, the recognition that you've sinned will turn to joy (I will be resurrected)!'
This season I'm seeking for peace, joy and love through Jesus.
And yes, that might mean I need to go through some pain to get there.
It's worth it.


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